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The ABCs of Investing
When you are young, the word “investing” or “investment” seems intimidating. You may say to yourself, “It’s what grown-ups should break their heads on!”. However, the truth is that if you are old enough to earn money, you are old enough to invest. Investing is nothing but making your money work for you.
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Key Terms & Concepts
Say, you have decided to invest in mutual funds in order to create a diversified investment portfolio. You have also done your research to finalise which scheme you want to invest in. The next step would naturally mean approaching an AMC directly or a mutual fund agent or distributor to find out how you can go about making the investment.
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Rupee Cost Averaging
As investors, we often speculate when to enter the market. But even experienced professionals find it difficult to determine accurately the right moment to enter (buy) or exit (sell) the market for their investments.
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Building Wealth through SIPs
Building wealth requires financial discipline and a long-term horizon for investing. SIPs not only encourage disciplined investing, but also make it possible to accumulate wealth with small but regular contributions. Further, it also gives the advantage of rupee cost averaging and the flexibility of choosing your own amount and frequency, making it an ideal investment option for any investor.
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How to Select a Mutual Fund
With their ease of investing and professional management, mutual funds are a good investment instrument to meet your financial goals. However, mutual funds vary in terms of their size, charges and past results. Once you have determined your asset allocation, how do you choose the right mutual fund scheme to invest in?
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Making Rupee Cost Averaging work for you
In a marathon, participants are advised to go easy on sudden bursts of high speed during the race, especially at the beginning. This may sound like conservative advice and one may wonder how, without speed, can one cover and win such a long distance?
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Key to Investing Wisely over a Long-term
Market experts keep talking about the fact that investing in equities delivers the highest potential return in the long-term. Still, many investors are wary of the risks, others succumb to the temptation of timing the market and in the race of entry and exit from the equities market, end up making losses.
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Calculating the Time Value of Money
The concept of Time Value of Money can enable you to crystal gaze into the future. You can know the exact figure you may need 30 years later to live the same way as you do today or how much money or assets you will end up with in the future.
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Applying the Power of Compounding to Asset Allocation
What happens when you combine the effects of two powerful concepts of investing? The results are enormously beneficial because they leverage the combined synergy. Power of Compounding can increase your returns significantly over the long-term and Asset Allocation can reduce the volatility in your investments.
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