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MF Utility
As you may be aware, MF Utility has been launched by the Asset Management Companies (AMCs) under the aegis of AMFI for the benefit of investors.
Any investor can take advantage of the facilities provided by MFU. You can use the MFU form and submit to any of the Karvy / CAMS offices who are the Point of Service (POS) for MFU.
  • Using CAN TRANSACTION FORM, you can submit transactions in schemes across Mutual Funds in a single form. The transactions covered are Purchase, Redemption, Switch, SIP, STP and SWP; where up to 5 transactions can be submitted in a single form across AMCs. MFU Forms are available at For this purpose, you should have opened a Common Account Number (CAN) from MFU.
  • CAN is a folio at the Mutual Fund industry level. Once a CAN is opened, you are free to invest in any Mutual Fund without any requirement to open one more Account with that Mutual Fund. You can open CAN by submitting CAN Registration Form (CRF) at any ONE of the MFU Point of Service (POS); i.e. CAMS or KARVY front offices.
  • Once CAN is opened, you can use a single MFU CAN Transaction Form (CTF) for making multiple transactions in schemes across Mutual Funds. There are different CTFs available for Purchases, Redemptions, Switches, SIP Registrations, STP Registrations and SWP Registrations. For the multiple SIPs Registered through a CTF, you need to submit only one Common Mandate.
  • Investors who are yet to open CAN, can use a single MFU Folio Transaction Form (FTF) for purchase, investments can be made in up to 5 schemes of a single Mutual Fund under an existing folio. Similarly, there are specific MFU Folio Transaction Forms (FTF) for redemptions and switches also which allow up to 5 transactions in a single form.
  • You can submit all these forms at any ONE of the POS for any schemes of the participating AMCs, irrespective of the RTA that is serving that AMC.
Other incidental facilities:
  • Using MFU forms means you need not hop from one office to another for submitting transactions
  • Using MFU forms provides a common time-stamp for all the transactions in the form. This eliminates the risk of partial scheme transactions getting today’s time-stamp and the rest the next day.
  • Once CAN is opened, all your existing folios will get mapped to the CAN, thereby providing a single investment view of all the investments since inception.
  • Single Payment can be made for the total of all investments in the single form, favouring “MFU ESCROW ACCOUNT” which will be realised as a single credit, thereby providing uniform credit availability for all investments in the form. This reduces the risk of different scheme transactions getting different NAV.
  • Above all, no need to carry bunches of forms of various AMCs while transacting. You need ONLY the MFU forms which are COMMON for all the AMCs listed with us.
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